Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A Love Rare, Passionate, & Sweet

For the past 15 years we have known & grown to love the sweetest couple.  They happened to live across from us.  They were our wonderful neighbors.

   They married young & lived to celebrate 70 years of marriage.  The lady of the house "Sue" as he called her. She was a farm girl, one of 8.  Her future hubby was one of her brother's friends.  She saw a dashing man and instantly had to meet him.  Not long after they dated and then wed shortly there after.  He went off to war & she stayed home.

    Over the years they then welcomed 4 children.  They had 3 girls and 1 boy.  All of whom were dearly adored along with their grandchildren.  Sue was so loving, kind, and sweet to us.  She welcomed us with warming embraces.  You know the kind that swallows you up & won't let go.  She always giggled when she knew we were having a baby!  She was always eager to see our bundles and give them her love.  She truly loved with all her heart! They did everything together including:  dinner dates, scenic drives, groceries, or the beauty & barber shop.   He was a great guy!  He loved his wife so much & was always caring for their house.  He still insisted at 93 to mow his grass.  He also loved our dog.  He always greeted her with lots of love & snuggles! He always said, "He lives for snow & then he'll be extra happy."

They didn't have a fancy wedding, live in a fancy house, or have tons of riches.  They were richly blessed in a passionate, long life of love.  They had a love so rare, sweet & passionate!  They were true soul mates!  

She left this world early this past December.  She was almost 91. Her true love met her only 4 months later to the day.  Their love shows that when one is taken another can't be left.  They were amazing! Not perfect but always trying to do their best and stretch themselves for each other. 

As spring unfolds we will miss the sound of his mower, the smell of fresh laundry & her cooking in the little yellow house. We do rejoice though that they are together again.  The memories will last forever!  We are so thankful & blessed to have known them!

    What a legacy, an honor & a blessing to watch them grow old together.  Until we meet again our hearts will always be knitted together.  May we all aspire to adore & cherish our loved ones just as they did?  I pray to be blessed with a long, happy, and healthy life with my love & family!  Today and everyday may we be happy, be blessed & show the love!  Happy April! 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Oh tired Mama

    Do you ever feel like it will never end?  

   The list of a mother well it truly doesn't!  

   Life was very different for me a meir 8 years ago.  I was used to working long hours & usually 5/6 days a week.  The hubby & I traveled a lot and thoroughly enjoyed taking off on any whimsical adventure.  We began our family & were blessed with our 1st child at the end of 2006.  Well only then had our life slowed down well just a little.  We still traveled just not as often. We took him along out west.  Then number 2 came along.  She's a lovely bundle of energy & keeps us on our toes.  Life kept getting busier & soon we had #3.  We found it best for me to be home with the kiddos. 

   So, in June it will be 2 years since I've been a full time stay at home mama. June of last year we added #4.  Being home It has been the best & most trying decision I've ever made.  I love my time home & being with my children.  I won't lie I do miss going to work.  Dressing up, seeing my clients &  the everyday feeling of being rewarded after a long day at work.  Knowing your client feels better after you spent all your time making them look & feel better.  It's the quick reward.  Now at times work feels like endless hours.  Little to no makeup, ponytails, sweatpants & hoodies, prep, cook & clean up, wipe bums & wash that never ends.  All this and with little or no appreciation.  How can we do it all? When does it not feel like Groundhog Day and the questions keep going?  

  Well, for me I had to make a change I can't stand to be stagnet. I made a change in our calendar.  I started making it fun!  I started scheduling days like the following:  a dress up day, go get coffee day, movie in the afternoon, dance party hour, creative drawing & writing & so the list goes on.. 

  Incorporating this routine into our lives last summer & even more this year has been the best move ever.  It has given me a better feeling about being home & a joy in not out working outside the home.  I strive to have a hot meal for myself weekly.  Enjoy 2 hrs of me time a day & get 4/5 dates a month.  Whether with my hubby,  a girlfriend or even a kiddo or 2.  It's the best feeling to get a little release.  

    I thoroughly have been enjoying my time!  I'm so glad I was able to pick Jude up from school in kindergarten & welcome him home everyday.  All while enjoying my girl days at home with the little ladies. These precious 4 mean the world to me & us.  Their little hugs, kind words, special notes & a picture are awesome!  They are the best compliment a mama could ask for.  I don't say these things to brag!  I feel truly blessed!   I'm not always happy but I strive to make the best of all things. I'm not a perfect wife or mom nor would I want to be!  I don't always know the right answer but I'm always trying new, reading, learning and growing.  I want to be a blessing always & to give others a reason to smile.  

Monday, March 10, 2014

Fresh & Clean

Do you ever feel like you've started tasks and never fully got the time to finish them?  Like so many I'm sure the list is long & time is short.  Our days are filled with numerous obligations but we want desperately to cross off these goals we'd like to finish.  The baby book we started, photos added to the albumn, books we want to read and the list goes on.  I encourage you to look at your goal list, circle one you feel you can finish first, now start it, make sure you take 1/2 hr to 1hr a day to work on it.  Slowly but surly you will be crossing them off & adding more.  

    Here are a few of mine:

            Our bedroom Reading Nook 

                     Stella's Letters 

                 Basement Bathroom
             Fresh Paint / Mini FaceLift 

     New Mirror, Recycled Mirror & Towel   
                  Rack & Light Fixture 

                    Recycled Decor

               Spring Shower Curtain

    Cheers to goals!!! 

    Step Up & Reach Out 


Saturday, March 1, 2014

New Year & New Ways part 2

    Well here it is March 1st it's time to report back on my month long goals.  I've been so happy reaching new goals everyday & week.  The results have been awesome!

Let's start with Oil Pulling.  I use coconut oil and I've had great result with my allergies.  I do believe my teeth are whiter & the benefits for your mouth & body are great!  Let's just say I'm obsessed with waking up & plopping coconut oil in my mouth.  It is recommended to do for 20 mins no more or less.  Then you are to spit it out in the garbage please don't swallow the toxins.  It may take a little get used to it but I encourage you to try it!   It will change your life!!! 

Secondly I've been journaling weekly not everyday as time & kiddos doesn't always allow for it.  Either way I've been revisiting a joy I loved doing as a youngster.  It's such a lovely release from the everyday hussle.  Along with writing listening to positive & uplifting talks/ messages daily is such a great encouragement among the horrible news that surrounds our daily lives.  Along with writing exercise is also another release.  I've been trying to walk 20 minutes or more a day & 30 minutes of cardio 3 times a week.  This has given me more energy & I love it! 

Thirdly it has been our mission to have a routine of media free Sundays along with date nights weekly or biweekly.  Our children have encourage date nights with each other & also taking a child for some one on one.  Even if we just watch a flick together or enjoy just being in quiet listening to each other.  This has been a nice delight especially since for over 7 years our focus has been our 4 blessings.  Of course they will always continue to be our focus but we are enjoying a little release.  We can stay home & the older ones have been great at entertaining the little ones.  Or go out enjoy a small bite & reconnect.  Either way I encourage others to take time to reconnect or reunite!  This is an important key to holding your marriage together.  Let's just say your children will appreciate your time too.  Many of us don't even realize when we  need a break.  I encourage anyone to take the time to make a little time. 

Finally I encourage everyone to find your me time, quiet space, read, feed your soul with verses, good teaching  & great music it's good for everyone.  Find your peace, seek your place, & most of all do the necessary things to bring them about.  Release yourself whether in a book, writing or watching an adult flic.  Let's face it the daily hussle of being a responsible adult, parent or boss gets to be taxing.  Find your outlet and start today!!! 

Bless Everyone, Richly Encourage & Always Love!! Happy March!! 

Friday, February 28, 2014

Snowy February

           Snowy February in Pictures 


                  Beauty of the Season 

                    Spring is Coming 

                     Fire until Spring